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C ontrary to popular belief, Strip-Poker is not a frivolous back room poker game, but a poker where the stake of victory is accompanied by an issue of nudity. In the end, the loser of the game will end up naked in front of all other players, without any money left !
The game must always take place in a perfect respect of others and mockery is not allowed.
A game of strip-poker is the perfect opportunity to take the most sexy clothes to please your playing partners

Rules of strip poker

Strip poker is played according to the rules of Texas Hold Them poker.
Each player start the party fully dressed, with a set of coins (the pot), and each time he does not have enough coins to pay, he must sell a clothe in exchange of a new pot. At first step they must be fully clothed, and will finish completely naked. If a player has only one clothe left, he can not sell it, he will have to remove it at final defeat, once he has no coins left.
Once naked, the looser has to retire from the game, and can go and dress in a warm place. Secondary objects are not considered as clothing (glasses and jewelery).

Variants of the strip poker rules

If you play at home, you may be interested to know that there is a variation in the rules of strip poker.
Favors: Before each round, choose different favors that you will have to share, and write them down. Sometimes some needs to slightly adapted so it can be claimed no matter the sex of the partner. Take approximately two times more favors than number of clothes worn.
Tokens: each token represent a minute of execution of a favor. Choose the number of initial tokens depending on the wanted duration of the game.
Before starting each game, decide what piece of clothing must be removed by the loser. This will be your bet.

Play strip poker online

The following website offers a free strip poker multiplayer online game where you can play either against the computer or against other players in real time. In order to access the multiplayer mode you have to specify your gender in the Account page.
You can prepare your pictures before game or during the game if you have a webcam (or if your are smart with taking pictures, sending it to your pc and upload them).
This site is meant to be working on any devices (PC, Mac, iPhone, Android, ...) but fits best large screens.
Bet limit is capped to 4 coins. Players have the right to undress in 4 times. The pot is made of 15 coins.

If you have a webcam or a camera, you must prove to your opponent that you play the game when you need to remove clothe! If an opponent does not play the game you can always leave the game and choose not to play with him anymore.
At the end of the game, you are asked to give your opinion on the opponent you played with.
In the case of a negative opinion, you will not be prompted to play against this opponent.

Card Combinations of strip poker

  • One pair: Two cards of the same rank
  • Two pair: Two cards of the same rank, plus two cards of another rank
  • Three of a kind: Three cards of the same rank
  • Straight: Five cards of sequential rank in at least two different suits
  • Flush: All Five cards of the same suit, but not in sequence
  • Full house: Three of a kind and a pair
  • Four of a kind: Four cards of the same value
  • Straight flush: Five cards in sequence, all of the same suit,.
Be carefull ! Strip-poker can be a very stressful game !

Daily tournaments

Several tournaments take place every day on the website : a virtual tournament, and a real tournament
Your ranking in the global tournament depends on the score you have in the corresponding tournament.
You will win points for the daily real tournament when playing multiplayer games with a real champion, and points for the virtual tournament when playing with a virtual champion.
There are different reasons to win points for the tournament :
- For a victory in less than 10 rounds if the opponent did not give up : 1 point
- For a victory in more than 10 rounds : 4 points
- For a victory in more than 20 rounds : 7 points
- For giving up a game : -2 points
- For a defeat in less than 10 rounds : -1 point
- For a defeat in more than 10 rounds : 1 point
- For a defeat in more than 20 rounds : 3 points
- Game lasting more than 30 minutes = 3 points
- Game lasting more than 60 minutes = 6 points
- Game lasting more than 90 minutes = 9 points
- 4 Players : for a victory : 1 point for avery opponent (IA excluded)
- 1V1 : for a first match with an opponent : 2 points
- 1V1 : no point will be won if you already played more than 3 games with the same opponent
Every night at midnight (Timezone is Paris), the 10 first players of the tournaments will receive 5 game coins !

VIP membership

In the "Coins" page you can purchase VIP membership
VIP membership lets you use advanced features of the website that makes it easier to find opponents playing with their own pictures.
VIP membership's advantages are :
- lets you see the list of recent real validated champions
- lets you see the daily real tournament ranking page
- lets you play with computer against real validated champions of other players
- lets you contact real validated players without limitation
- lets you write Memos on the other player accounts
- lets you see some advanced information on the other players
- lets you see players with Invisible status
- Your VIP status is shown to other players in your profile page
A 75% discount on the price of the membership is made for real validated players !

Champion validation

Champion - a set of five related images of the same individual incrementally showing nudity.
Validation - the process of confirming that the images uploaded are an actual strip as defined above.

Real - these are images of real representation of the person playing them.
Virtual - anything that doesn't fit within the 'real' definition.

No sex - partial nudity, no genitals showed.
Soft sex/Soft explicit - fully and tastfully nude and not showing arousel. No penetration.
Explicit /Very Explicit - no holds barred.

The purpose of validation is to be sure your champion fits the sites's rules, and to win game coins if the champion is public.
The champion will be validated by 3 different players; If your champion is validated, you will get the right to validate other players' champions.
Participating a champions' validation is rewarded by 1 game coin.
In order to be able to validate other players' real champions, you need to have a first real validated champion.
Any moderation action taken against you will result in the loss of the ability to validate champions.

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